Fates & Favors’ development is complete and the game now participating in design contests!

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What is Fates & Favors?

Fates & Favors is a strategic, team-based, track-movement game mixed with Greek mythology.

Players are Greek heroes competing on teams to be the first to build two temples to honor the gods. Heroes use the game’s dynamic card play to strategically choose actions in response to the evolving gameplay. Fate cards are the primary basis for movement while Favor cards are powerful interventions from the Olympians.

While Heroes can always control their own fate through clever moves and efficient teamwork, a few perfectly timed godly favors can unexpectedly shift the momentum of the competition in the blink of an eye!

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Woodrow Arrington

Co-creator and designer

Howard Arrington

Co-creator and programmer


Fun fact: before Fates and Favors adopted a Greek mythological theme the game was an abstract marble game called Marmor. The introduction of the special action cards became what is now known as the godly favors and propelled the game into its current design.  

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